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If you are a Coach looking for chess students we can help in 2 ways.

Our Academy supports any Chess Academy and we take care of all administration.

  1. Our Academy constantly promotes across the world – our Academy Head Coaches are sometimes so busy they will pass a student on to another Academy housed within our Academy which means your Academy benefits.
  2. Our platform has everything that is needed to ensure a successful Parent, Student and Coach relationship.

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Use our Schools resources in your school. We have 2 School Syllabus you can use as a chess coach without ever having to worry about lesson planning again;

  • 200 Hour Video Course across 85 Videos – Pause and play.
  • The National Chess Syllabus and Bandana Exam System

The above courses is all the information a school chess club teacher would need. A 200 hours training video you can pause with explanation. This syllabus was created by proven world class chess trainers and presenters.

Simple terms and conditions

Every time you bring a student to WCJS, as a Chess Teacher or as Chess Academy Owner  you keep all of the monthly student fees for life – even if they switch academies or leave and  come back to a different Academy!

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State of the Art Training Facilities 

Our Internet Chess Academy has so many features to list.

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